Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Amazing Race Birthday Party

Hey guys,

My sister and I have always enjoyed planning elaborate night games for her birthday party, often involving finding stations around a field in the dark to solve a puzzle, but this year we decided to change it up a tad and went with an Amazing Race themed party. We set up stations all across our neighborhood (thanks neighbors!) and were able to string together a pretty diverse, hour long course for the racers. Stations ranged from decorating cupcakes to hunting for a car parked randomly, to digging in a bowl of a spaghetti blindfolded to pull out the correct amount of change! Overall, it went great, and I think setting teams of three rather than pairs helped when navigating the neighborhood!

This station involved transporting a stuffed anumal across the playground without touching the ground while holding the animal.

It was really fun for me trying to teach someone how to decorate a rose on a cupcake! As you can see,  some of the girls were naturals, while some needed to redo theirs.

This was a basic chocolate cake, and while my frosting job is a bit subpar, it was delicious!

This is a coconut lemon cake. It had coconut frosting, lemon curd filling, and lemon cake.

For dinner we did a barbecue. I think it's evident in the background of all of these pictures that our colour scheme was yellow and silver!


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