Sunday, February 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Buttered Tin

Our family received a gift card to a place we had never heard of, The Buttered Tin, around two months ago. We checked out the website, but it was a good 45 minutes away and decided to save it for a time when we were in the area. The website is absolutely wonderful, but simply did not do this lovely cafe/ bakery justice! The moment we walked in, we were glad we had made the trip. The atmosphere was one part cute, with one part cozy, and we actually did't mind the 25 minute wait as we could spend it narrowing down our lunch options and drooling over the pastry case! We went during the lunch rush, so there was a line up, but around 12:30, it cleared out a bit. The Buttered Tin is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and if you're ever in the area, I'd highly recommend it for breakfast, lunch or a quick pastry. And you guys, the breakfast menu made my jaw drop. From Banana's Foster French Toast to the Loaded Hash Browns, there was something for anyone and everyone!

I ordered the TBT Hash which was root vegetables with potatoes, an egg on top and some toast. It was delicious, and the majority of their meats are sourced locally. Not to mention that the bread was made in house!

My Mom ordered the BLT sandwich complete with a tiny side salad. She really enjoyed it as well, and we will definitely be back soon!

We ordered this caramel roll for dessert and were rewarded by our decision. The caramel roll was everything you could wish for in a caramel roll: gooey, chewy, sticky, soft, and sweet! 

We bought a cupcake for my sister who missed the occasion called a Peanut Butter Blossom, and judging by her facial expressions, it was heavenly! All of their varied cupcake flavours looked adorable in the glass case.


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