Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photo Wall

This may be one of the cheapest and most fun ways you can decorate for  any sort of party! I got this idea from one of my favourite blogs: psheart. I have some of the worst handwriting on the planet and still managed to make this mural look cute, so I'm positive you can too! We had a roll of paper sitting in our basement, so I grabbed three long pieces and taped them to the wall. Another plus is that you can just roll up the three pieces of paper and use them at another party! I love how you can make this look however you want, whether you write it yourself, paint it, use photo's, and can make it for any occasion. I made mine with the words "Happy Birthday" but you could definitely write Merry Christmas and add some silver bells and ivy on the edges!

Tada! The yellow ribbon around the edges cleaned up where I had cut the paper and brightened it up. I really liked adding the balloons to the top as well because they give it a festive touch!

I basically wrote happy birthday a million different times in a bunch of different ways! 

I also added a couple quick drawings of cake, balloons, and a banner.

Make sure to include a bucket of fun props such as scarfs, glasses, and hats! This is super fun whether you're a toddler or 99!

Happy Birthday!
A Happy Birthday mural definitely doesn't exhaust the list! Here's a couple more ideas:

- For Christmas, write Merry Christmas and add ivy and silver bells around the mural.

- I think this would work super well with any themed birthday party. Adding a fairy castle in the background for a little girl or a racetrack in the back for a boy would be super fun!

- A couple years ago we hosted an olympics party, and it would be super fun to draw some rings and make it into a booth for a press conference with the winning athlete!


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