Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Spoon Holder (A gift for practical people!)

My Mom has specifically requested that if we give her gifts, they need to be something she can use. She has no use for any other gift, and was thrilled when I gave her socks last year! So, I did some extensive research this year on a practical gift, and came up with this spoon holder from Kitchenova. The little rooster holds your spoon above your pot so you don't have to set it down on the counter, getting it all messy. Practical? I think so.

Here it is! The bottom is slit so it fits over the pot, and the big hole in the middle is for the spoon!

I didn't realize how beat up this pot was until I looked at this photo, yikes! You can see here how it fits onto the side of the pot. The rooster itself is made of heat resistant silicone, so no worries about it melting into your pot!

Tada! It's been a super useful tool to have around. It's really, really nice not to have to wipe up the mess on the counter from your spoon, or take a plate out to balance it on!

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