Monday, January 6, 2014

A Cake Stand.

I mentioned in an older post that I had scored at a thrift store, coming home with a pretty pitcher and materials for a cake stand for one dollar! Making a cake stand out of a cup or candlestick for the base and a plate for the top has been pretty popular lately, so I decided to try it out. I was thrilled with the results and was also happy to get a beautiful cake stand for 50 cents (who wouldn't be?)!

Tada! The plate has little flowers around the edges, which look great with anything chocolate!

This old candlestick made beautiful and sturdy base for the stand.

I just adore the detailing on the edge of the plate as well as the silver rim which matches perfectly with the candlestick! 

To tell the truth, I haven't glued the plate onto the candlestick yet, as I love the plate by itself as well! 


  1. I love cake stands. I have a collection of milk glass cakes stands they are so pretty and spruce up any dessert


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