Monday, November 25, 2013

Power Outage

Yeah, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with baking, but we had a power outage a couple of minutes ago, and I had way too much fun taking pictures! The lights went out, and just a smidgen of light came through the windows. I demanded my sister to freeze playing the piano so I could get a picture!

This picture isn't dark, but I liked the view out the window!

We lit some candles in the dining room.

I went to write a blog post, but I couldn't get any wifi!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween & Chasing Leaves

Halloween was a blast as usual, between dressing up, fall weather, and candy! I was dressed up as Colonel Mustard from the game clue, complete with a mustache, and tricorn hat. My sister was a skunk and brought a spray bottle of water to spray unsuspecting victims as she walked past!

We don't go crazy with decorations, but we bought a glow in the dark spiderweb a couple years ago and have been reusing it ever since. I love the way it dresses up our front entrance!

This was my pumpkin, after the night was over and it had gotten a bit beaten up! I added the little squares along the edges so that the R.I.P. would be a bit easier to see in the dark, and it worked great!

Today is pretty windy, and all the leaves are starting to blow off the trees. The birds are starting to fly south!

It was really gusty when I went outside to take pictures, so Angus had to turn his head to keep the wind out of his eyes! 

Chasing leaves is always a rewarding activity!

Hope you're having a great fall as well!