Friday, May 17, 2013

Signs Of Spring

The last week of April, we went down to Hawaii for my uncles wedding. It was on Maui and was absolutely gorgeous. I thought that I would share a couple of my favourite pics!

This is actually a picture of my right foot and my sisters left foot. She is a year and a half younger than I am, so we thought that it was pretty funny that our feet were almost the same size!

I took a picture of these palm trees while we where waiting for breakfast. I really like the black and white version of this picture even better that the color, because it makes them look almost like a silhouette. 

We are used to maple syrup living in Minnesota, but this coconut syrup was positively divine! 

This was called a pineapple spear. Being on Hawaii, it was super fresh too!

We always look forward to these macadamia nut pancakes when we go to Hawaii. They were heavenly with the whipped cream, bananas, and coconut syrup.

I loved being able to eat out on the deck in the mornings given there was still snow on the ground at home!

I really liked this classic picture of a Hibiscus. 

This was where the wedding happened. It was a stunning beach with a grass area.

We went to a luau later that night. I liked this view of the torch over the sunset.

We went to visit the blowhole on the side of the island, where water crashes up through a hole in the rock. This is a photo of a farm along the way.

Here is a black and white photo of the blowhole. I always love coming here. The views are spectacular.

This is also a picture of the ocean from the blowhole. The choppy surf is what causes the blowhole to shoot out water.

On a different note, yesterday, when we came home from school, there was a incredibly huge pile of feathers all over the house! Who could have done such a thing?

There was pretty much a trail crossing the whole house.

The pillow was only torn at the corner, but the culprit still managed to get a ton of feathers out of it.

It's starting to look a lot more like spring around here, which is a welcome change!

This was a homemade Peach Blackberry Crisp by the Pioneer Woman. I also made some homemade ice cream to go with it.

Angus actually prefers the winter and is a little disgruntled that it is 100F outside.

Note: Sorry the more recent pics were such bad quality. My good camera is broken and is in a shop being fixed!

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