Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gingerbread Cookies and Christmas Decor

Merry Christmas! I thought it would be a good idea to share some treat and decor idea's because, you know, there's that little thing called Christmas coming up soon! I really loved this gingerbread cookie recipe. They are frosted with cream cheese frosting which goes great with these cookies! I got the recipe from Two Peas And Their Pod's ebook. It's called Holiday Cookie Cravings and it's full of great recipes for the holiday's or any time of the year. Does anybody else eat peppermint in February?

Our Snugshine loves the snow!

Frosting & Sprinkles

Our Christmas Tree

Cute Boxes Make Packaging Easier!

Add Homemade Gift Tags!

Tags Let People Know What They're Eating

Snugshine in the Snow!

Our Little Doggie Got Cold!

We Got New Ornaments At Crate & Barrel

These Adorable Birds Came In Packs Of Three

These Glittery Snowflakes Are Just Gorgeous

We Went For A Silvery, Sparkly Theme This Year

These Little Globes Replaced Old Red Ones

These Little Silver Bells Add A Playful Touch

These Birds Are Wooden & Handpainted

They Just Clip Onto Branches

This Wooden Nativity Set Is Perfect For The Fireplace!

Angus Is Trying His Best Not To Devour The Ornaments

These Paper Garlands Came In A Kit From Paper Source

You Glue Card-stock Snowflakes Onto A String

Fold, Them Out, And Add Silver Stickers

I Also Made Oreo Truffles Yesterday. I Use Wild Harvest Organic Oreos. 

Yum Yum Mum!

These Make A Great Gift & Are Easy To Package!

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